Centro Internazionale di Studi e Formazione Germana Gaslini
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Educational Events promoted by Istituto Gaslini for Gaslini personnel

Educational Events (residential projects, on-the-job training and distance learning) promoted by Istituto Gaslini for the updating and continuing education of Gaslini personnel and healthcare professionals of other Institutions and Hospitals on the regional and national level.

On behalf and together with the University of Genoa Medical School we run the Nurse Courses and organize on-the-job training and stages for other University of Genoa students.

We organize and run 1st and 2nd degree University Master Courses

We promote distance learning projects on healthcare subjects and occupational health and safety.

In collaboration with other Healthcare Institutions in Liguria we run the qualification courses for Healthcare Social Worker according to our Regional Authority for Education and Work (ARSELL) standards.