Centro Internazionale di Studi e Formazione Germana Gaslini
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Planning, advertising, organization


25 employees, more than 1000 learning days for 10000 trainees yearly: these are our numbers. CISEF Gaslini operate with three main branches.

Educational Events promoted by Istituto Gaslini for Gaslini personnel: we supply updating courses for the Gaslini Children's Hospital personnel. We also offer training to professionals working for other Institutions and are responsible fo the University of Genoa Nurses School.

Educational Events promoted by Istituto Gaslini Scientific Direction: we run courses, meetings, workshops and congresses promoted by the Gaslini Institute Scientific Direction to contribute to the continuing educaton of Italian and foreign healthcare professionals and investigators in the different fields of paediatrics on the basis of the Gaslini scientific excellence and their scientific collaborations in Italy and abroad.

Educational Events and other meetings promoted by third parties: CISEF operates as a PCO planning and running scientific events also in collaboration with other Organizations. The venue can also host non-medical events.


In the framework of the Italian Ministry of Education Programme "Continuing Medical Education" we are accredited national provider for Residential Events, On-the-Job Training, Distance Learning for all healthcare professionals.

In addition to running all educational events, we have recently been assigned the Istituto Gaslini integrated communication service and their fundraising projects.