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Historical outline

The history of the Villa is long and curious. It was built in 1395 by Antonio Castagna and afterwards owned by the Spinola and the Doria families alternatively until 1889 when it was bought by Lorenzo Quartara who transformed it: he expanded the main structure and had it decorated by painters according to the Genoese "barocchetto" style. The villa hosted pope Pio VII on his way back from France during his exile under Napoleon: part of the canopy of the bed he slept in is still preserved in one of our offices. Recently, in 1960, the Benedictines bought part of the park and Mr. Quartara gave them the villa entirely free of charge. It then became a Badia, a place to work, pray, meditate and study, also thanks to a library of more than 30 thousand volumes. In the early 2000s the Benedictines passed on the estate to the Gerolamo Gaslini Foundation that renovated it completely in order to host the educational activities organized by CISEF Gaslini.

...built in 1395 by Antonio Castagna...