Centro Internazionale di Studi e Formazione Germana Gaslini
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International Centre for Studies and Training Germana Gaslini


Gaslini is not only the name of the well known children's hospital in Genoa.
Gaslini is also the name of the “system” made of Istituto Giannina Gaslini Children's Hospital, Gerolamo Gaslini Foundation, Gaslini ONLUS (Non-Profit Organization) and CISEF Gaslini.

The International Centre for Studies and Training Germana Gaslini - for short CISEF Gaslini - does an important job: we conceive, realise, host and provide educational projects for medical doctors and all other healthcare professionals. CISEF was constituted in 2009 as a Consortium between Gaslini Foundation and Gaslini Children's Hospital and headquartered in the magnificent Villa Quartara at Castagna di Quarto, surrounded by a 12 square metres park.

...promotes, plans and delivers...

The quality and versatility of the spaces and the architectural and environmental beauty of our venue are important assets of a centre aiming not only at the scientific excellence of the educational contents but also at their hosts' happiness. Working beside investigators, hospital chiefs, medical doctors, nurses, technicians and students we daily acknowledge how true Montaigne's famous saying is: “Teaching doesn't mean to fill up a vase, it means to light up a fire”. The passion for knowledge, scientific knowledge in our case, engenders committment and enthusiasm both in Faculty and students. That is what we witness every day and makes our job so compelling.